We showcased our Second Sight® system for use in Nuclear Decommissioning at the NDA Supply Chain Event in Manchester, last November. Second Sight is designed to make Nuclear Decommissioning operational work safer and more efficient by making use of various smart technologies, including Android, biometric wearables, and Google Glass. The system has been developed with support from Innovus, and it’s partners National Nuclear Laboratory, University of Manchester, and Sellafield Ltd.

By offering a real-time view of health data such as heart rate and temperature in conjunction with radiation dose readings, user health can be effectively monitored during stressful operations. Furthermore, live image streaming of the users view (via Google Glass) and a visual messaging system deliver active team support and decision-making aids.

We’re aiming to create an effective combination of well-established and commercially available hardware such as heart rate monitors with more recently developed headset technology such as Google Glass. Through close interaction with Sellafield Ltd the solution has been developed to meet the specific and unusual needs of their industry.

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