December 16, 2016 - Comments Off on Augmented Reality, wearables and hazard awareness

Augmented Reality, wearables and hazard awareness

It's been suggested for some time that AR and wearable technology offer great potential as training aids. Last week, we demonstrated how Google Glass can be used as an interactive learning tool at a Hazard Awareness training day at the NNL Central Laboratory at Sellafield. We were asked if we could build a headline item that made use of mobile technology to attract attendees to the event.NNL_Hazard_Day
The system we put together used Google Glass to provide visual information on hazards planted throughout the event space. By using Bluetooth beacons we were able to create trigger points pertinent to the potential hazards in the demo area: a lost security pass, dangerous materials, intruders, and dangerous items dropped from a balcony above, amongst others. At each point we could display a variety of media to help the user understand and remember the situation. For example, a video of an intruder in a dark corner and the sound of people chattering in a communal area (the latter highlighting the need for discretion when in the workplace).

Many thanks to NNL for inviting us - it was great day and we were delighted to talk to so many people about mobile and wearable tech.

Published by: Nick Whitehead in Development, Mobile Technology