Our second sight system is a decision making aid and real-time health monitoring application for operators involved in Nuclear Decommissioning. The system has been developed with Google Glass and the Android operating system in order to create a modular, hands-free product.

Modular   •   Hands-free   •   Small & Lightweight   •   Fully supported
Established tech   •   Compatible   •   Beyond nuclear


Second Sight is designed to make Nuclear Decommissioning operational work safer and more efficient by making use of various smart technologies, including Android, biometric wearables, and Google Glass. The system has been developed with support from Innovus, and it’s partners National Nuclear Laboratory, University of Manchester, and Sellafield Ltd.


We can deliver health monitoring data via use of wearables such as heart rate monitors and temperature sensors as well as radiation dose data.

The operator can view (via Google Glass) live data pertinent to their environment, including scanning items to receive information, and capture live video of their activities.

Out-cell, all incoming data can be monitored and messages can be sent directly to the operator from a control-panel.


Visual messages, images and documents can be sent direct to the field operator so that they can do the job more efficiently.

Shared video means back-up expertise can be used to offer further support and guidance.

Items can be scanned to retrieve technical data or complete job audit trails.


Second Sight technology has been built for Nuclear but is applicable to many other fields, from Oil and Gas Decommissioning to smart training. If you have field staff that work in difficult environments, Second Sight smart technologies can make their job easier.